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Frequently asked Questions

1-    Are your dips Gluten Free?
A.    The ONLY possible dips with gluten are any Veggie Dips containing bacon bits, or Buffalo Blue.  Imitation bacon bits are made of textured vegetable protein (TVP), which can be made from a variety of soy flour, cotton seeds, wheat, and oats. Buffalo Blue has cornstarch.  Most people with gluten intolerance are just fine with cornstarch, though we’d rather side with caution as every person is different.

2-    What type of Mayonnaise do you use?
A.    Blue Plate

3-    What type of Sour Cream do you use?
A.    Kroger

4-    Can I use Greek Yogurt to make the Veggie Dips?
A.     Yes, however we found dips made with only Greek Yogurt to be rather bland.  We recommend replacing either the Mayonnaise or the Sour Cream with the Greek Yogurt.  You need some fat to bring out the flavor of the spices.
§     Try using a lower fat cream cheese like Neufchâtel with the Greek Yogurt.

5-    Does the type of Whipped Topping make a difference?
A.    Yes.  We found for a fluffier no-bake cheese to use Kraft Cool Whip. 


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