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Chip & Veggie Dips

Basic dip preparation: Mix 1 cup -Mayonnaise, 1 cup -Sour Cream, and 1 pkg -Seasoning mix.  Refrigerate 2 hours and Enjoy!  

chsbacon.png Bacon and Cheese Price: $3.50
crab.png Cracked Crab* (Kick) Price: $3.50
dilli.png Dill-ilcious Price: $3.50
garlic.png Garlic Galore Price: $3.50
gardenspinach.png Garden Spinach Price: $3.50
habenero.png Habanero & Green Chile* (Spicy) Price: $3.50
horsey.png Heavenly Horseradish Price: $3.50
cajun.png Mardi Gras Cajun* (Spicy) Price: $3.50
onion.png Onion n' Chive Price: $3.50
pepperjack.png Pepper Jack* (Spicy) Price: $3.50
swjap.png Southwest Jalapeno* (Spicy) Price: $3.50
artichoke.png Spinach Artichoke Price: $3.50
sundried.png Sun-dried Tomato & Bacon Price: $3.50
swtpepper.png Sweet Pepper & Tomato Price: $3.50
BaconOnion.jpg Bacon & Onion Price: $3.50
Chipotle Raspberry.jpg Chipotle Raspberry Price: $3.50
Mandarin Orange Chipotle.jpg Mandarin Orange & Chipotle* (Kick) Price: $3.50
Portabella Artichoke.jpg Portabella & Artichoke Price: $3.50
Toasted Coconut Shrimp.jpg Toasted Coconut Shrimp Price: $3.50
Texas Ranch.jpg Texas Ranch Price: $3.50
Spinach Parmesan.jpg Spinach Parmesan Price: $3.50
Lobster Bisque.jpg Lobster Bisque Price: $3.50
MapleBacon.jpg Maple & Bacon Price: $3.50
Shiitake Pesto.jpg Shiitake Pesto Price: $3.50
Buffalo Blue.jpg Buffalo Blue Price: $3.50
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