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Cheesecake & Fruit Dips

Basic dip/cheesecake preparation: In a bowl, Dissolve the contents of this package with ¼ cup -HOT water. Add 8oz SOFTENED Cream Cheese.  Blend until smooth and creamy (this will take a few minutes). Mix in an 8oz container of Defrosted Whipped Topping (example: Cool Whip). Refrigerate 1-2 hours, then Enjoy!  NOTE: This mixture freezes well, try serving a frozen pie.

Strawberry Shortcake.jpg Strawberry Shortcake Price: $3.50
Banana Banana Creme Pie Price: $3.50
Chocolate_m Chocolate Mousse Price: $3.50
dream.png Dreamsicle Price: $3.50
Pumpkin Pumpkin Price: $3.50
hawaiin.png Royal Hawaiin Price: $3.50
tiramisu.png Tiramisu Price: $3.50
ny_reg New York Cheesecake Price: $3.50
brulee.png Creme Brulee Price: $3.50
wchocorasp.png White Chocolate Raspberry Price: $3.50
keyreg.png Key Lime Price: $3.50
gingr.png Gingerbread Price: $3.50
macnut_reg Chocolate Macadamia Nut Price: $3.50
Chocolate Banana.jpg Chocolate Banana Price: $3.50
Salted Caramel.jpg Salted Caramel Price: $3.50
Apple Pie.jpg Apple Pie Price: $3.50
Coconut Cream Pie.jpg Coconut Cream Pie Price: $3.50
Maple Pecan.jpg Maple Pecan Price: $3.50
Carmel Apple.jpg Caramel Apple Price: $3.50
Cinnabun.jpg Cinnabun Price: $3.50
Lemon Pie.jpg Lemon Pie Price: $3.50
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